About Us

East Coast Repair and Fabrication has been a leading force in the marine, industrial and commercial sectors since 1999. We have an established and proven track record with the United States government and team with some of the most respected marine and industrial companies across the nation.

We continue to build our business and success by providing dependable, high quality, and cost effective welding and fabrication services to a broad array of businesses in Hampton Roads, Virginia and throughout North America. Our priority is to earn the respect of our clients and our competition every day, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

East Coast Repair and Fabrication (ECRF) understands that in high-quality repair and fabrication work, continuous improvement is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity. We accomplish this by maintaining an environment of timely completion, technical excellence, and safety-minded performance. The ECRF workforce has a shared vision of excellence and the exhilaration that comes from successful achievement and completion of each and every one of our contracts and work efforts. Our customer’s changing needs are the catalysts for the growth and perfection of our capabilities. The growth of our dynamic partners and clients is critical to both our success and the health of our industry.

Our company is specifically structured to ensure that every employee has a personal stake in whether the Company meets its customer’s expectations and thrives. That structure is built on the hands-on skills and leadership of our President Jorge Rivera (above left), who takes an active role in projects, work tasks, inspections and customer communication. We are driven by people who radiate a contagious enthusiasm for building the best marine and industrial fabrication company possible. East Coast Repair and Fabrication endeavors to provide world-class quality and business systems to each and every customer and job that we take on.

East Coast Repair and Fabrication has the three most critical assets needed to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace:

  • Experienced staff
  • The latest world-class technologies
  • Solid quality and schedule control procedures

It doesn’t matter the size or scope of your project, East Coast Repair and Fabrication works to make sure it gets done the right way, on time and within budget.