Our Story

Begun with a dream and noble ambitions

The Beginning of ECR

What is known today as ECR began with a dream and noble ambitions. Our founder, Jorge Rivera, after decades of experience in marine trades work, started East Coast Repair and Fabrication from humble beginnings literally from the back of a pick-up truck, ECR has now grown into a full-service small business ship repair facility employing hundreds of people, and is now a leading force in the maritime sustainability industry.

Our attention to detail, hard work, enthusiasm, dedication to a safe work environment, quality workmanship, and the one-on-one customer service we consistently provide has made all the difference. This dream included giving back beyond private interests and our value is held in the belief that creating a sustainable business would, in turn, build and support our communities both here and abroad.

Training the Next Generation

A major force within our core has always been to develop and employ those less fortunate and in need of special assistance. This passion started long before the conception of ECR ever hit the waterfront. There were dreams to build a school for the impoverished and disabled students in Vieques, Puerto Rico, the birthplace of our founder, Jorge Rivera. We here at ECR have been privileged to witness those dreams become reality in the establishment of that school. We also contribute resources and talent to training America’s next generation of shipbuilders and trade workers in Hampton Roads. Our efforts include allocation of seasoned mentors to develop welding, pipe fitting and fabrication skills, in our protégés.


For Our Veterans

Our efforts encompass more than building the foundation of AMERICA’s next great generation, it’s about serving those who serve us. We strongly support our Nation’s Veterans health, education, and welfare and actively recruit our Nation’s Finest. We will continually invest in new equipment, processes, and people to improve the safety and quality of life for our employees and their families. Come be part of the ECR Team!

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Thankful for Our Blessings

We believe that much of our success is due to the blessings we receive by providing opportunity and support to others. We have more dreams: we are committed to benefitting more customers, participating in more charitable endeavors, further benefit our industry by taking advantage of new technologies and setting higher standards for vessel maintenance. We continue to head in the right direction toward these goals, and we owe our customers our heartfelt gratitude for supporting us through the years. For this and our other blessings, including our ability to help others, we are truly thankful. We are humbled by our accomplishments, and we aren’t about to stop anytime soon.